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Career Opportunities

At Lion & Shield, we understand that being the leader in exceptional client service begins – and ends – with exceptional regard for our people.

Relationships matter in our work and interactions with clients, and in the way we work and interact with each other.


What differentiates Lion & Shield as an employer is our focus on relationships.

Administration Positions

Several administration positions are offered at our firm and involve the management of the junior administrative staff. These roles are essential to the everyday operation of our business and we appreciate hard-working and committed staff.

Please note that positions will be advertised on our website when available.

Past Staff Comments

Click through to see what our past staff have enjoyed about working with Lion & Shield

GAP Year Program

Each year, we offer a number of placements to students who are leaving school and looking to spend a year working while they decide their futures. Whether students are looking to develop skills and knowledge in the finance industry as well as gain life experience before pursuing further work or studies, these essentially administrative positions offer an insightful introduction into finance which we believe all young people should have.

Please note that the number of positions available varies each year.

Past GAP Year Student Comments

Click through what our previous pat students have loved about our prgram

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