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Health Insurance

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Health insurance has always been a bugbear with me because it's expensive, and I cross my fingers every time my family or I need medical attention, that we'll be covered for all, or some, of the cost. Sound familiar?

Well... I'm delighted to say that Lion & Shield can now provide a free health insurance review service for all of our clients. I've used this service myself and found a plan that saves me $700 per year in premiums. I kept some Extras benefits that I've had for 17 years, and changed the hospital cover to suit my current needs. The Extras package I had was fine and could not be improved on for our family situation, but the savings came in the hospital cover. I has previously tried reviewing my health cover with a group advertising on the TV earlier in the year and they didn’t come up with that, so experience counts.

I am sure you won't mind taking 10 minutes to give your own health insurance a check-up. If they can find a cheaper or better policy, they'll recommend it to you; if you've already got the right policy at the right price for your needs, they'll tell you.

There's no cost and no obligation and you might just end up keeping a few more dollars in your own pocket.

All that is required to have your health insurance reviewed is that you give the office a call and our team can refer you from there.

- Ben Wilshire

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